Cornect Family Farm
Address: #365 Cornect Rd. Denver, NS, B2H 5C8
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Phone: 902-833-2747
About Us

Producing artisan honey from the many wildflowers and blueberry blossoms in our surrounding area for over 24 years; we have grown our farm business from 2 beehives in 1994 to over 350 beehives today, providing pollination services for our own and other blueberry growers in the surrounding areas of Guysborough, Antigonish and Pictou County. Our 500 acre farm is located in the small community of Denver, Guysborough County and consists of 80 plus acres of wild blueberry fields with the remaining being woodland.

We are a second generation farm as our youngest son Benjamin is now the beekeeper. Ben has expanded the beekeeping and pollination side of the farm, while I, (Margaret) “The Honey Lady” continue to grow not only the markets for our honey but also create the many unique value added products being sold today.

We take honey from the hive to your table and enjoyment. We minimally process our honey, bringing you a unique non-pasteurized honey that is neither strained or filtered. We are proud to be a member of the "Taste of Nova Scotia" and " Food & Beverage Atlantic".

All our beeswax candles and products containing beeswax use only beeswax obtained during our honey extracting process. When honey is "ripe" and has a moisture content of approximately 17%, the bees cap that honey with a small layer of beeswax. In the extracting process, we remove that little cap of beeswax and that is what we use to make our candles and skin care products. Wax cappings are chemical free, have a beautiful golden color and a faint aroma of honey.


Cornect Family Farm is a family business whose vision is to provide the highest quality of honey and honey products to markets. This is done by keeping true to its roots of always putting the health of the bees and the environment first. We are a value driven company and believe in giving back to our customers, community and environment. We make sure each products is of artisan quality and delivered in a way that is responsible to the environment while supporting other local businesses.